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Giving back with Parka NY

While fashion is a main interest that drives the founders of Parka NY, charity remains close to their hearts as well.  This season the  brand will be participating in a variety of fundraising events where portions of sales are given back to causes such as breast cancer, pediatric cancer, crohns and children in need (just to name a few).

Diana and Beth recognize that many individuals want to create their own events that give back to a meaningful cause, but it is not always so easy to do.  They have come up with a seamless way to facilitate charity events of any size with their "parka parties."  Parka NY will provide everything needed to host a shopping event where donations are made to any foundation the host chooses.   For anyone living in the tri-state area who would like to host their own "parka party" please email parkanywear@gmail.com.  We can look great and feel even greater with this initiative!